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Jan 8 '14

Anonymous asked:

do you have any comments about the feral dog pack lead by the three-headed dog wearing a great many service medals and chevrons that has been terrorizing the town recently?

I believe I told you not to go in the Dog Park — I’m pretty sure that I told you not even to LOOK at the Dog Park.

Let’s face it, you brought this upon yourselves.

Jan 7 '14
Jan 5 '14
 Since everyone else seemed to like the last scale design … This one is a spine that can be worn front or back over other things. I’m going to take some on-body pictures soon.

 Since everyone else seemed to like the last scale design … This one is a spine that can be worn front or back over other things. I’m going to take some on-body pictures soon.

Jan 5 '14


Chandra Nalaar; Burlesque and Fire Eating Act
For Nerdgasm 2.5: Magical Mayhem
by IlluminAir Entertainment

Costume and act done by me, Poisonne.

Thanks Chris Hutcheson for the photos!

Jan 5 '14

I was just reading this Starcraft novel, and they referred to Mar Sara as Jim Raynor’s home world and now I don’t think I can read this novel anymore. #lorenerdproblems

Jan 4 '14

venetianphantom asked:

Evening' chére :) Just dropping by to say I love your latest video! Thought it was pretty clever! (and I loved the silk performers!) but on the technical side of things, I was curious to know which fuel (or fuels) you use in your performances? I always like to hear different perspectives on what people like to use for fuel transfers! :3

I use Naphtha, which is sometimes known as Whitegas, and sometimes just referred to as Coleman Campfire fuel, which is the easiest way to buy it in North America. I will occasionally use 99% rubbing alcohol, but only for short indoor spins in areas which are very sensitive to fire performers, and never on torches that are going to be going in my mouth.

I’m comfortable that I know the temperature that Naphtha burns, how it will react in windy situations, and how it reacts with my skin and mouth, as well as being familiar with the MSDA sheets and other risks associated. Almost all of the fire eaters I know swear by Naphtha.

I’m personally not big on using Kerosene or Lamp Oil (the latter is something I only use for fire breathing) because I don’t like the way they act. I find Kero too greasy, and lamp oil leaves slippery residue on the stage where you’ve used it, as well as being a slow light.

I CAN’T STRESS ENOUGH THOUGH — that regardless of what fuel you use, you’re using fire, and it’s seriously dangerous. I’m ensured for my own safety and the safety of everyone else around me, and I think that’s terribly, terribly important.

Jan 4 '14

thepuppet asked:

First off have to say I've soon a few of you're burlesque performances and you have an amazing stage presence. I've seen you being asked about a lot of series, fandoms, and games you don't really enjoy. So what are some that you do enjoy?

Well thank you! I’ve been having a bit of a rough time recently with how I feel about performing, so the kind words mean a lot.

I enjoy a really wide variety of things — so wide that I’m not sure that this reply will be a whole lot more than just a list. 

I was raised on a lot of Sci-Fi, and I still have a lot of love for Star Trek and Star Wars. I branched out into classic and then contemporary Fantasy after that with Lord of the Rings. My cousins got me into Fantasy Games before I was old enough to really understand them with Final Fantasy. I watched Evangelion at a really young age (then rewatched it in University and was horrified in what eleven-year-old me saw).  I was a kid who really loved Batman, which eventually evolved into a love of more serious graphic novels like Watchmen, Sandman, etc. I fell off the Harry Potter bandwagon and didn’t finish it until a couple years after the books finished, but I did eventually learn to enjoy them again a lot.

I’m going to try not to make this reply sound like a list of things that I like, though, because, truth be told, I like a whole lot of things. I spent a lot of time gaming, reading, watching, and having other general nerdy pursuits, so I’ll mention the one thing that I think I’m the biggest on right now —

Which is probably Starcraft. I decided that I was going to stop being the worst Starcraft Player that I know, and become at least Playing the game on Hard in story mode passable. Right now I’m a fairly competent Terran player on normal, but haven’t touched hard. I’m much more excited to get into Heart of the Swarm. I’ve also been devouring all the Starcraft books that iBooks can get me. If you have at least a passing interest in the actual Starcraft characters, they’re an easy, but interesting read.

Jan 4 '14

Nerdgasm 2.0: Miyazaki Madness
Presented by IlluminAir Entertainment, Toronto.
Princess Mononoke Act
Aerial silks, Burlesque, and Fire Eating.

Jan 4 '14

Quick snapshot of my Scale Mail; I just have to adjust the pauldrons still. (My dummy has very short shoulders, as it turns out.)

Dec 24 '13

Anonymous asked:

will you take a pic of all your sex toys and post it? i would love to see them

Generally, I would - but I live in Toronto, and thanks to the blackout, have had to leave my apartment early and go back to my parents’ house for Xmas, where the power is notably much more on. I have not brought my sex toys with me.

I will say that, for someone who worked at a sex shop for nearly a year, I don’t have a very extensive collection. I’m not a huge fan of insertables for just playing with, so that immediately takes away most of my options.

I do have that Lelo that’s the same shape as a WeVibe (I like it, but I find the vibration a little too high frequency). I have a lot of rope and a hog-tie bar. A restraint set. An under-the-bed restraint system. A couple of little vibrating bullets and cock ring attachments for them. My mainstay vibrator for a long time has been a little waterproof back massager because, as previous, a lot of conventional vibrators are too high frequency in their vibrations for my taste.

I keep most of it in a little briefcase that sits under the bedside table and looks important.